{{mpg_product_name}} contact lenses


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Contains: {{mpg_pack_size}} lenses per box


{{mpg_product_name}} is a {{mpg_lens_type}} made by {{mpg_manufacturer}}. {{mpg_product_name}} uses the latest in lens technology to provide all day comfort and clarity. The moisture levels of {{mpg_product_name}} make for easy oxygen access keeping your eyes clear and white. Get your reorder of {{mpg_product_name}} on line today and start saving.

{{mpg_product_name}} Contact Lenses is one of {{mpg_manufacturer}} best selling lenses. {{mpg_product_name}} Contacts is a trusted name in contacts, shipped around the world. With thousands of lenses distributed daily, {{mpg_manufacturer}} {{mpg_product_name}}, is easily one of the most popular {{mpg_lens_type}} on the market today. Contact Lens Connection guarantees your order of {{mpg_manufacturer}} {{mpg_product_name}} lenses will be the exact same {{mpg_product_name}} prescribed and issued by your eye doctor.

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{{mpg_product_name}} Liquid Content:

{{mpg_water_content}} H20